Il Trave was born from the dream of 3 guys, to create products that were a direct expression of their land. Land held dear to grandparents (farmers) for several generations who for a lifetime stayed committed to their mission of passing down their values to future generations.

This is precisely the basic idea on which the company is founded, following in the footsteps of the ancient winemakers and bringing back to the tables those very special flavours with which they grew up. Flavours which have been gradually disappearing, often replaced by products that are all without soul nor character, with tastes and colours dictated only by the market and no longer by the earth itself.

This is how the desire to make a pure, natural, indigenous wine was born and most importantly, without adding anything artificial.

Their wine comes from ancient Aglianico and Coda di Volpe vineyards, lying on the gentle slopes of Paternopoli, which until a few years earlier, had been almost abandoned due to low productivity and possibility of mechanising cultivation.

This is the great challenge of Il Trave, to restore those almost centuries-old plants to the splendour of the past, and to demonstrate that they do still have so much to offer!


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land, tradition, wine


land, tradition, wine


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